How to decode the ME generation

How to decode the ME generation

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard that millennials act entitled.

Entitled is the buzzword probably most associated with the millennial generation. We label them this way because they show up in our businesses and ask for a lot from us. At least from our perception they ask for a lot. To many millennials what they expect is just a no brainer.

When you’re on the leadership side of a business you know exactly what the development path for an employee looks like. You also know what it reallytakes to move through that path. You can anticipate many of the speed bumps and roadblocks they may encounter along their journey. What seems like common sense to those of us leading in the business is actually unknown to the millennial employee.

Let me break this down a little more for you. You may be thinking, “They have to know building a career requires time investment, sacrifice, and paying your dues.” The truth is they only “kind of” know that. You could call it unconscious incompetence.

The millennial generation is the first generation we’ve seen enter the workforce that truly grew up with 100% of their life exposed on social media. (or at least the option to have it be) If their lives are broadcasted to the world then you can bet that there friends lives are too. This leads to the potential for A LOT of comparison. What is it that they say, “comparison is the killer of joy”.

Well welcome to the generation who has more exposure to everyone else’s life than any generation past.

Before social media exposed us, we really only knew the intimate details of the lives of the people closest to us. That also meant we were privileged to know the struggles those people encountered as well. We share our challenges with the people closest to us. In todays world though when we look at the social world of EVERYONE around us, not just our close friends & family, we typically only see the glorious parts.

Talk about a problem! The entitlement shows up because millennials think they should have the perfect setup from day one. If you ask them that they’ll deny it. They will say they know it will “be tough”, “take time”, “require hard work”.  The truth is though that their minds get in there way when they are really in the tough moments. They lose all sense of time and perspective and can easily see a challenge as meaning things are “all bad”.  I can attest to this as a millennial myself. I want the perfect schedule, the perfect pay, and the perfect team. However, I’ve been lucky enough to have people along the way help me realize that getting to all of that is not as easy as it seems based on my insight to everyone elses life through their social exposure.

Decoding the millennial generation is as simple as getting connected to them. The connection YOU build with them will enable you to be the person they trust when the journey feels hard. They are not unwilling to get in and do the hard work. But if they don’t have help from someone who can guide them through the mental tough stuff and help show them the way you will likely lose them. Help them see that path you know exists AND the tough stuff that is likely to pop up along the way.

The millennial team members joining our businesses don’t know.

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