Planning your 2018 Successes
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Planning your 2018 Successes

It is that time of year again. New Years resolution time. I don’t need to go into the details of how many new years resolutions are not met because I know you’ve probably personally experienced giving up on one or two. But because I love data i’ll share the statistics with you…


I know there have been times in my life where i’ve probably fallen into that category but I think it’s actually a good thing. Who can actually execute 100% of all of the ideas they have for themselves? If you really want a high level of execution you’ve got to land on your top 20%.  How do we get better at landing on the top 20%? How do we ensure that one of the top goals we have for ourselves does not end up in the 80%  stat?

Here are my tips for creating new years goals that you can make happen!

  1. Start Early: Our brains are never void of the power to create new goals for ourselves? So why do we need a New Year or new beginning to get our minds wandering to the places of our dreams? I suggest keeping a note in your phone of any idea that pops into your mind. Then, when it’s closer to the new year and your making goals for yourself you have a great resource to pour back through and edit down. Pick the top items your heart really feels connected to. Will they improve your life? Improve your health? Improve your relationships or your financial status? If you brainstorm over time you’re more likely to have a good list to start selecting from.
  2. Simplify: You don’t need 20 new resolutions to pursue. You just need a few good ones that you’re heart feels set on. I like to pick one for each category of my life: career, personal, health, finances. Four tops for me. Then I can take those four and really dig in to increase my chances of success.
  3. Get creative: Use the amazing tools at all of our disposals to dream big. Pinterest is my favorite resource but there are a million others available to you as well. Or if you’re a pen and paper kind of person then get started with a vision board that you can hold in your hands.

why goals are crucial for millennials?

One of the biggest things that millennials say they desire is work life balance. So how are you helping your millennial teams plan their goals for next year to ensure they land in a space where they feel like they have that? If you want to retain them you’ll understand why being part of this process (even instigating the it happen) will help you!

My suggestion for building connection with your millennials this year

  1. Start early: It is the beginning of the year! Start the conversation with them and get them thinking about their goals and how they fit together. (personal and professional)
  2. Simplify: teach them a goal setting tactic that will help them be more successful. Try SMART goals SMART goals
  3. Get creative: Plan a half day to work with your staff and make vision boards. Include a vision board for the business so they can see where they may want to get involved in the next year. Show them what you have in mind and give them time to work on their own personal visions too. Ask them to share with you and the team.

The best way to accomplish a goal is to know it exists. What are your goals this year??



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