Start where you are

Start where you are

Happy and content? Overwhelmed? Frustrated and ready to quit?

Get your thoughts organized. All the good ones and the bad ones.

Get clear on what you want to see happen. What is the reality you’re dreaming of?

Get clear on the thoughts you MUST think consistently for that to happen.



Start with the thoughts. They lead to action.

Take a cold shower. Find your willpower. Start.


How do you handle the feelings that show up sometimes as a leader?
Our minds are powerful tools that can either aid us or manipulate us into a place where we doubt our journey.


How do you choose to see things?


You have to find the motivation to move forward into the next part of your journey.


Sometimes that means you’ll have to dig deep and other times it will feel easy.  Maybe you need a good nights sleep before you decide to conquer the roadblock holding you back. Or you may need a weeks worth of good nights sleep. The point is, you have to start where you are.

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