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The best leaders never stop learning. I’m passionate about teaching and inspiring people who lead teams that are made up of multiple generations. Learn the secrets to recruit, grow, and retain the best Millennial and Generation Z talent for your organization. Join me on the journey #theleadershippractice

I focus on inspiration.

I’m also a: Speaker. Consultant. Entrepreneur. Team Builder. Coffee Buff. Millennial.

A team is only as successful as their leader. Leaders pour into people all of the time.
Who is pouring into you? Let’s fill your cup!


Invest in yourself. Invest in your team.

I’m passionate about understanding the WHY behind the changes the younger generations have brought to the workplace and I’ve spent over a decade studying and sharing my findings with teams like yours.

Leading is about Passion, Purpose, and Culture. This isn’t new to you.

But if you’ve been dialed in at all over the last 10 years you’ve seen the uprising of the Millennials and Generation Z in the workforce and you’ve felt the pains that have come with their bold entrance and new expectations. Knowing the buzz words won’t cut it, you have to know how to create and implement the changes. Changes that I believe begin with inspiring you the leader to understand what’s happening and what needs to evolve.

You’re not alone in this. Leaders and organizations everywhere are struggling to understand the changes and it’s impacting their ability to Recruit, Grow, and Retain the best staff.

I’d be honored to help you change that. My biggest passion and life’s work is developing people and helping them learn how to close the gaps that enable the team surrounding them to thrive. #theleadershippractice

Did you know. A 2016 Gallup study found that 87% of millennials believe their development is an important part of the job. We have to develop ourselves if we want to be successful in developing others.



Research Junkie

Avid research helps me produce viable and successful results for companies and organizations trying to understand Millennial Leadership. When I work with clients we measure results.



I am a Millennial, but I’ve also managed and worked alongside both Millennials and Gen Z which has enabled me to get a better glimpse of their mindsets and ideals.


Idea Generator

I believe an idea can take many different shapes and forms and can be molded to become something amazing. Never cast aside an idea that you’re too scared to undertake!


Change Embracer

If you don’t embrace change, it’s not a matter of if, but when you’ll be passed by competitors and allies alike. Change is a necessary force you can feel!

“Change is the law of life….” ~ JFK

Our world is constantly changing.

“And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” ~ JFK

You need only look to the newest generations “adulting” in today’s places of work and life to see the changes occurring. However, seeing the changes does not mean that we understand the changes or that we easily accept them.

If you’re leading in an organization or a small business you certainly feel the changes.

Millennials and Generation Z:
These are the two biggest forces of change we all encounter today. These generations include anyone born after roughly 1980. Understanding these groups of people means moving away from defining them by their birth year and instead looking more at the behaviors of the people born in the ranges of years these generations are comprised of.

What we feel –

When in a position of leadership we often find ourselves frustrated, overwhelmed, and wholeheartedly agreeing with the stereotypes many researchers have labeled Millennials and Gen Z with. Many companies today are living behind the times when it comes to leading the generations that make up most our workforce. For a world that thrives on such innovation with technological advancements we’re missing the mark on the people part of working with this group of people.

What we need to know –

They’re not going anywhere. They make up the two largest generations of people in history. So, either we find solutions to the changes they present, or we continue to struggle to recruit, engage, and retain the brilliant humans of our future.

Work Process







What I do

I help you discover the opportunities, create new solutions, and enjoy a different result. I don’t believe in the mass stereotypes. I do believe in the incredible opportunity they present. I don’t believe that using technology and optimizing all our interactions is the answer. I do believe that the people part is more important than ever. Millennials and Gen Z thrive on human connection from the people that lead them.  My work digs into the things getting in the way of powerfully leading these generations.

Who I work with

Businesses ~ Anyone in the struggle

One of the biggest research revelations about these two groups is that what is most important to them is feeling valued by their leadership. A feeling of value does not show up when the performance app your companies uses dings to say you did a good job. We’ve swung too far one way and forgot that the very foundation of being human is connection.

I work with organizations who are hiring, growing, and leading millennials. We go way beyond discussing all the headaches you find yourself facing. We move through the hurdles you are facing in your company. We deep dive into the human part. We work on what it really takes to successfully lead todays workforce and we MEASURE it!  “Success means you’re producing results AND it’s feeling good along the way!”

Fun Fact

75 Million + Millennials in the US

75% of the workforce by 2025

Only 29% are engaged at work

60% need a sense of purpose at work

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Invest in yourself. Invest in your team.

I am committed to continually researching and learning about the needs Millennials and Generation Z bring to the workplace. I lead my own multi-generational team, giving me firsthand experience and a great place to experiment with my theories.

I work with teams and organizations who are as passionate about developing their people as I am. I dive into the pains and successes, the psychology and world events, that have changed the needs of our workforce.

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I provide consulting services that are highly customized.

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– Millennials: what they need and all the things we don’t understand about them
– 21st Century Leadership: Why the old ways don’t cut it

– Why it begins with who YOU are: How to attract, recruit, and hire millennials
– Invested Leadership: What it really takes to engage and retain millennials
– 21st Century Leaders: How to lead and love it

And more!

Each business has unique needs and I prefer to discuss those needs and customize a plan for impacting your business results before we select the solution that is best for you.

Are you ready to develop your leadership team?

– 2015 Serious Business New Orleans Breakout Speaker
– 2016 Aveda Corporation: Northwest Salon Forum Speaking Tours
– 2016 PBA Pro Beauty Week Panel Host on Millennials in the Workforce
– 2018 Data Driven Salon Recruitment & Retention Panelist
– 2018 Columbus Womens Presidents Organization keynote speaker
– 2018 National Association of Women Business Owners Good To Great Speaker
– 2018 National Association Women Business Owners Candid Conversations Speaker


I am committed to helping you develop your #theleadershippractice

I don’t believe leaders are born. I believe we all have it in us to guide and grow other people. All it takes is investment in ourselves and a big heart. A heart willing to get in the ditch and do the hardwork alongside your team.

My leadership training focuses on how to grow Millennial and Generation Z teams through changing the way we recruit, grow, and retain them. I dive into the skill set of the people and the systems in the business that support the needs of the younger generations. Needs that are drastically different from generations of the past.

The most impactful leaders and successful teams value feedback. They understand the necessity to get vulnerable and to try over and over again until you get the results you want. I help teams do this very thing. Leaders need leadership too.

Book me for 90 minutes to full day experiences. You can look forward to an interactive and fun filled day of engagement. You’ll leave with a full cup and the confidence to take action!

Recruitment ~ Giving powerful feedback ~ Values & Vision ~ Value Based Job Descriptions ~ Onboarding ~ Development of Performance Standards ~ Coaching system ~ Mentorship Program ~ Mindset Management ~ Gratitude Practice ~ Overcoming Leader barriers to feedback


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Yes. All my consulting work is customized based on the needs of the client. To discuss a potential project please complete the contact form above.

Examples of consulting projects:

– Facilitation of millennial strategy meetings with executive leadership

– Assistance developing recruitment and hiring strategies and processes

– Brainstorm sessions to identify and overcome barriers to success across generations

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Yes! All of my presentations are customized to the client’s individual need. Please fill out the form above and I’ll be in touch to discuss a personalized proposal.

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